Korg Introduce New Tuners and Metronomes

Posted on 5th February 2018 by

Two of the key elements in performing music are covered by Korg in their latest releases at NAMM. Never be out of tune or out of time with these handy new utility pieces.

KDM-3 Digital Metronome

Part of rehearsal time for any musician – the metronome is a vital piece of equipment for anyone taking their playing seriously. With Korg’s fresh new design, the KDM-3 has a classic shape but retains all the functionality you’d expect from the digital age. The metronome supports music from any genre. This is thanks to the device’s eight metronome sounds, three tempo types and 19 beat patterns. It’s solidly built, and allows approximately 120 hours of operation. Reliable, dependable and solid – the way a metronome should be!

TM-60 Combo Tuner/ Metronome

Combining two excellent utilities for any musician, the TM-60 from Korg is a tuner and metronome in one. Popular and ubiquitous, Korg combination metronome and tuners are found in orchestras and practice rooms worldwide. Updates include the new larger screen, which allows you to simultaneously use both functions – a must have for practice sessions.

CA-50 and GA-50 Chromatic Tuner

With all instruments covered, the CA-50 is the standard tuner for orchestral instruments. High-precision tuning functionality and a slim and compact design, the CA-50 is easy to use and makes a great accessory for any musician. In black is the GA-50 – a tuner specifically for guitar and bass. Recommended for every guitar or bassist, this affordable unit will have you in tune in no time. Both units have upgraded displays, with large note indication and have an increased battery life. A must for any musician!

Pitchblack Advance Pedal – Limited Edition

Because it is loved by musicians the world over, Korg celebrate the Pitchblack Advance’s popularity with a new limited-edition colour scheme. Combining elegance with toughness, the metallic grey colour will add a cool flavour to your pedal board. These tuners are transparent, with true bypass leaving the sound completely untouched. Furthermore, the Pitch Black is very easy to read, with a large digital display clearly showing the detected notes. And with some 60 hours of battery life, you won’t ever go to a gig without it.

Korg AW-OT Clip on Tuner Series

OLED has been a massive breakthrough in recent years, capable of delivering crystal-clear images in the TV market. Korg take the latest developments into their new range of tuners, and consequently the display is smooth, easy to read and can be seen from any angle. There’s the standard clip on and now their first polyphonic clip-on. This will allow you to tune all the strings at once, and they’ve even added some fun animations to take the chore out of tuning. Super accuracy and stylish design make the AW-OT clip on tuners a great accessory for any musician.



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