KMA Machines: Horizont and Queequeg!

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KMA Machines have quickly become one of our favourite brands of effects pedal at Rich Tone Music. Handmade in Berlin using their own circuits and the highest quality components, these pedals certainly represent a jamboree for tone-heads! Check out the two latest offerings from this brilliant boutique brand.

KMA Machines… Handmade in Berlin

KMA Machines effects pedals sit among some of the best boutique pedals in the business. The propriety circuits take mere inspiration from vintage designs, these pedals are very much their own beast. And as every guitarist knows, a pedal sounding great is nearly as important as it looking super cool on your pedalboard! These pedals have great individual designs that give the brand a unique character… and just wait until you plug these babies in and enjoy the spectrum of sonoric splendour that awaits!

HORIZONT: Interdimensional Multispatial JFET Phaser

“Jump into spaceship Horizont and begin your trek into star-filled galaxies, all while discovering the incredible vastness of the sounds created by this inter-dimensional multi-spatial stereo JFET Phaser.”

KMA Machines Horizont

For those looking to tap into the psychedelic universe, the Horizont is a powerful phaser producing some truly out-of-this-world sounds. Vivid and expressive, this pedal combines lush JFET phasing with a raft of digitally controlled dynamics.

Two of the standout features of the Horizont are the implemented LFO and Envelope. The digital LFO has eight different waveforms, ranging from sine, ramp and sample and hold variations. The envelope turns your input signal into a control source for the LFO rate, or to use a manual phaser-type effect. The possibilities are wide ranging and the scope of this pedal really pushes the boundaries of modulation as we know it!

Gone are the days of the off-the-shelf phaser effect, blast off on a journey of discovery with this radical and versatile effects unit!

QUEEQUEG: Sub Octave Generator

“Queequeg – just one man to pave the way for your intense suboctave experience!”

KMA Machines Queequeg

The Queequeg is a massive-sounding analog sub octave generator. When you need the ground to shake with a rumble from the depths of the earth, look no further than this brand new device from KMA. Easy to use and an incredible sound, you’ll find plenty of applications for this pedal!

The all-analogue circuitry benefits the tracking speed, so your sub tone locks tightly to your input signal. With a single knob marked “SUB”, this pedal couldn’t be simpler. All the way to left is off, whereas all the way to right is 100% crushing sub octave power. And everything in between too! This effect can be used for everything from a subtle tone-thickener to faux-synth resonances to a substitute bass tone.

A valuable addition to any pedal board, and the benefits of this pedal aren’t limited to just guitar! Bass and synth players will also love the extra beef this device will add to your tone.


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