Jackson Release New Minion Ranges

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Jackson hit the summer with brand new editions of their excellent Minion series! These fun small-scale versions represent some of the brand’s well-loved and most recognisable guitar shapes. The key update here is the use of a sleek Amaranth fingerboard across the new designs. Rich Tone Music look at each of these releases in more detail…

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion

Jackson Dinky Minion

The Dinky is probably the most obviously ‘Jackson’ guitar you can think of. Its double-cutaway design and jagged headstock make it a favourite of those playing heavy metal. This guitar is so named for its slightly smaller than standard size, and the Minion version takes this even further. With a 22.5 inch scale length, this is an authentic Jackson Dinky squeezed into a three-quarter sized frame.

No compromise is made on the tone, as two high output Jackson humbucking pickups give plenty of bite. There’s a choice of five show-stopping colours to choose from, making for a vibrant addition to your shredding arsenal. These guitars will make a great choice for a beginner, or as a travel guitar for a seasoned player.

Jackson JS1X RR Minion

Jackson RR Minion

The Jackson Randy Rhoads is another key staple of the brand’s offering. The Ozzy Osbourne guitarist surrounded in myth and legend lends his name to this striking asymmetric V design. Making a splash with the Minion version, Jackson have incorporated their high output humbucking pickups to help produce a huge sound for such a small guitar!

There’s another five great colours to choose from, with the Metallic Blue Burst being a particularly sleek and stylish design.

Jackson JS1X Concert Bass Minion

Jackson CB Minion


Bassists two can get in on the small-scale Minion action! Perhaps you’re new to playing or are a little pressed for space, then the Jackson Concert Bass Minion ticks the right boxes. The 28.6” scale length will make it easier to get around than the full-size CB version. This model also uses passive Jackson pickups in a PJ configuration, making for a great sound on recording. There are four colours to choose from here, from a refined silver through to vivid neon green.


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