J. Rockett Pedals: Boutique Tone Minus The Cost

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J. Rockett Audio Design are no ordinary pedal manufacture. These guys are specialists at making the impossible possible. They can turn our dreams of accessing unattainable equipment into a reality. All without the boutique price tag.

In this post we’re going to take a look into a couple of their best sellers and newer products.

The Dude

J Rockett The Dude Overdrive

Hidden somewhere in California is a man making the most revered amps on the planet. That man is the rarely seen Alexander Dumble. Manufacturer of hand made amplifiers that can deliver some of the most sought after tones ever created. The only problem is that non of us can get hold of one. He only makes a few per year, if that. And, even then, they go for crazy money. We’re talking the kind of price you could buy a house for. So, what’s the alternative?

Well, The Dude comes mighty close to the tone of that famous Dumble Overdrive Special. Firstly, the output dial delivers a clean boost from around 10 ‘o’ clock. Then, the ratio dial begins to blend the gain until it’s completely in saturated in overdrive. The Dude is incredibly sensitive to touch. So, the longer you experiment with it, the richer harmonic tones you can discover.

Overall, it delivers a fat sustain and is pretty versatile. It might not be the real McCoy, but it’s pretty darn close.

The Archer Ikon

J Rockett The Archer Ikon

Many years ago there was a handmade overdrive called the Klon Centaur. Developed by Bill Finnegan between the years 1990 and 1994, the Centaur is regarded as one of the best ever created. Unfortunately, only about 8,000 were ever made. So, getting your hands on one is hard and expensive. In many cases, the resale value is enough to add a solid garage onto the side of your new house.

Never fear, though. The Archer Ikon recreates that sound so close, only a top, top ear could notice the difference. It delivers the same uncoloured, clear tone of the boosted signal that the Centaur gave us before it heads into a variety over overdrives.

Of all the replicas out there, it seems that J. Rockett Audio Design have gotten as close as anyone to achieving that famous sound. Without the need to sell your entire rig to fund it.

The Mr Moto

J Rockett Mr Moto

Now, we can take a look at the latest pedal in the J. Rockett collection. This time it’s the Mr. Moto. A musical tremolo with a delicious spring reverb. It’s been described as having the sort of credentials you wished your amp had built into it.

Mr. Toto’s effects can run interdependently or together. The tremolo can go from a gentle throb to a very choppy pulse. The reverb offers a glorious, spring loaded sound as-though it were a different era. As well as being great for subtleties, it’s also perfect for all those surf aficionados among you.

Of course, J. Rockett Audio Design are always confident in their work. There really isn’t any wonder why. This pedal will revolutionize your tone in a big way.

The Melody Overdrive

J Rockett Melody Overdrive and EQ

Finally, we have Mark Lettieri’s signature drive and EQ, The Melody. Another helluva pedal to have in your stomp-box arsenal.

If you’re looking for versatility, The Melody gives you just that. Not only will it provide you with a fantastic overdrive for blues and jazz, its 6-band EQ gives you even more. The 18db cut and boost helps your solos and riffs stand above the noise, and helps a waning back-line setup.

It’s the ideal pedal for you guitarists who need some elevation in your rhythm sections and solo moments.

So, there you have it. If you’ve yet to experience the power of these pedals, then you should head down to your nearest guitar shop to give them a whirl. Because, for the price, these pedals are some of the best on the market. If you live near to Sheffield, pop to Rich Tone, choose a guitar, then fire off a J Rockett. 


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