The New The Reflector V3 Chorus – It’s Back, Baby!

Posted on 27th September 2018 by

Buckle in and hold on to your tone controls, people. Because, it’s the return of the chorus! In this case it’s the new Reflector V3 Chorus pedal from the manufacturer of exceptional pedalsOld Blood Noise Endeavors.

A Look At The Brand New Reflector V3 Chorus Pedal

This is an updated version of the original popular modulation noise maker. The Reflector V3 delivers a lush chorus paired with three modes of modulation. Then, it’s able to carry out an array of fleeting voices that float between several dimensions of sound.

The Reflector V3 Chorus pedal controls include the standard rate and depth. And they correlate to the chorus/flanger/vibrato speeds. But, its three mode options are where things start to get very interesting.

Wrinkle Mode: This delivers a cracking vibrato-styled warbled chorus with the bonus of pitch selection. You can shove the modulate knob right up to receive the signal an octave higher. Or, pop it right down to hear a lower signal, too.
Washed Mode: This just your simple and delicious chorus sound where the modulate control gives you a wash of reverb pre-chorus effect. It’s straightforward, but still full of tasty flavour.
Mirrors Mode: And, finally, this one gives you a sort of detuned chorus meets flanger kind of experience. The modulate knob controls the flanger depth and the rate deals with both the flanger and detuned chorus speeds.

Overall, we’re happy to see the Old Blood Noise Endeavors bring this chorus to our collective pedalboard. It goes beyond the level expected of a standard chorus and looks absolutely stunning.

Are You Looking For More?

With so many pedals in their collection we thought we’d give a some notable mentions to a few other hot slices.

ALPHA HAUNT FUZZ: This fuzz explores the variety of sounds you can induce from a single circuit. From massive overdrives to squashed sputters, the Alpha Haunt lets the player dial in a large array of fuzz texture. And, it features an active three band master EQ to give you control over the output. It delivers a set of great sounds and is very malleable. A lovely pedal.

DWELLER PHAZE REPEATER: This is more than your typical phaser. It features an innovative Stretch control that adjusts the delay time inside each phaser stage, culminating in pitch shift and delay-style effects. When this is combined with the modulation options available, you end up in some wild, wild places. Of course, phasers aren’t every player’s cup of tea. But, this one we love.

BLACK FOUNTAIN: Now, back in the day there was a delay famous for its pitch shifting abilities and creation of marvelous atmospheres. Although they’re not as popular among contemporary players, they certainly helped to shape some very unique tones. The Black Fountain is a modern take on those interesting oil can characteristics. It offers Organ, Vintage and Modern modes for you to enjoy. A real classic.


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