Introducing the Roland GO:PIANO88

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Roland’s fun and innovative GO-series has a new member! The GO:PIANO88 is a full size 88-key digital piano that’s supremely portable and compact. With sounds derived from Roland’s best digital pianos and high-quality Bluetooth speakers, there’s no mistaking the great sound coming from the GO:PIANO 88.

Introducing the Roland GO:PIANO88

88 Standard-Size Keys

GO:PIANO88 has 88 full-size keys for authentic playing feel and expressive touch inspired by the keyboards on acoustic grand pianos. The full range of keys will help you to properly develop your right and left-handed playing. This also unlocks the door to much more complex pieces of music!

Roland GOPiano3

It also ensures a smooth transition should you play a weighted hammer-action keyboard. And even if you invest in a premium piano, your GO:PIANO88 is the ideal portable instrument for slinging in a gigbag and playing at rehearsals, sessions and shows.

Roland’s Responsive Digital Piano Sounds

As you appreciate GO:PIANO88’s 88-note full-size keyboard, you’ll also be inspired by the fantastic piano sound. Touch the keys and you’ll hear notes full of character. The tones change seamlessly in response to your touch, just like on a fine acoustic piano.

Roland GOPiano_2

Together with the expressive keyboard, GO:PIANO88 lets the dynamics of your playing shine through, encouraging you to improve faster as your skills grow. GO:PIANO88 also includes electric pianos, organs, and other sounds so you can explore different musical styles.

Bluetooth and Smartphone Connectivity

GO:PIANO88 pairs with your smartphone or tablet to play both music from your library or online tutorials. Try the metronome to build your timing skills or experiment by transposing the keyboard to a different musical pitch. Use the onboard recorder to capture your playing and evaluate your progress. And when you’re ready, connecting your smartphone reveals a world of apps and tutorial videos.

Roland GOPiano_1

When you’re ready to share your playing with the world, GO:PIANO88 can also connect directly to your smartphone for recording. Use your phone’s onboard camera along with the audio directly from the GO:PIANO, and you will be able to create awesome videos to share online!


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