Introducing: Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 2PT

Posted on 11th July 2018 by

Perhaps best known for their high-end Superstrat replications, Charvel launch four new models for Summer 2018! The DK24 2PT is an eye-catching design, and comes in either an HSS or HSH configuration. We take a peek at what is on offer, and examine some the key benefits of this truly wicked guitar!

Super-Access Body…

Charvel DK24 2PT Body

The Superstrat route is a well-trodden one, with many manufacturers using this iconic base to create some of the wildest guitars on the planet. Charvel are the undisputed kings of the Superstrat, and since they now fall under Fender’s control they are fully licensed to run wild with the classic designs. The DK24 2PT features an Alder double cutaway body with a superior access heel, and “Shredder’s Cut” on the back of the lower horn. This combines for the ultimate in high-fret reach and playability. Adding the bevelled output jack on the back not only looks unique, but will prove practical for keeping things tidy and out the way when rocking the stage.

Caramelized Maple Neck…

Charvel DK24 2PT Neck

Maple is a common choice for neck material, but rarely does it manage to look as beautiful as this! Charvel select the best of the wood available to them, and the DK24 2PT uses ‘Caramelized Maple’. Whilst maybe not actually being sugar-coated, this is another name for roasted maple. This is a heat-treatment which strengthens the wood and gives it that gorgeous darkened colour. Silky smooth and very playable, the fretboard and neck are one solid piece making for a quality experience. The side dots are even luminescent, glowing in the dark to help you locate your frets.

Custom Electronics…

Charvel DK24 2PT Electronics

As any Strat player knows, it’s always on the cards somewhere to upgrade pickups for switching up your tone. Charvel have already done it for you with the DK24 2PT! Whether in the HSH or HSS configuration, these guitars use Custom Seymour Duncan pickups all round, producing unmatched tone for serious players. The low friction pots are great for smooth and fast swells, and the no-load tone pots give you an option to completely true-bypass the tone circuitry!

High Performance Hardware…

Charvel DK24 2PT Hardware

The DK24 2PT is a high performance machine, confirmed by the quality hardware choices. Charvel use their proprietary locking tuners at the headstock end, meaning you can firmly and quickly lock your strings in place without needing masses of winds. And this opens things up for some tremolo action, using the Custom Gotoh 510 bridge. This is the cream of the crop in terms of vintage-style trems! The 2-point system will maintain great tuning stability, whilst you whammy the hell out of it.

The DK24 2PT is the complete guitar, Charvel leaving no stone un-turned in their pursuit of perfection! Top quality components combine with a legendary level of workmanship that the brand are renowned for. And whilst being a significant investment, you still get great value for money. This sounds and plays like a guitar double its price!


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