Ibanez RG: The Daddy of the Superstrats

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The Ibanez RG is a true icon of the guitar world! Riding the superstrat craze of the 80s, Ibanez released their RG550. This packed features that metal guitarists wanted: chiefly comprising a fast neck, comfortable body, powerful pickups and a reliable tremolo. The RG550 spawned the rest of the RG series, which consequently became some of the best-selling hard rock/heavy metal guitars ever made.

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80s Metal Monster

The Ibanez RG was conceived in 1987, the same year as Steve Vai’s signature JEM 777. Ibanez designed the RG for high-performance, returning the power to the hands of the player. It has a very low-profile neck with a flat, wide fretboard. This is ideal for fast, comfortable playing. Whether you’re chugging out rhythm parts or putting down a sizzling solo, your fingers will fly over an Ibanez RG fingerboard.

Ibanez RG magazines

Ibanez RG guitars are typically configured as HSH with a 5-way pickup selector. This gives you optimal versatility over your tone. Whether you need smooth clean tones or searingly hot high gain, you will find it on the RG. The bridge is an Ibanez in-house design, and makes significant improvements over the original Floyd Rose. The Ibanez Edge tremolo includes an increased mass and relocated fine tuners.

Ibanez RG Standard RG550

Order the Ibanez RG550 Standard in Road Flare Red |Purple Neon | Desert Sun Yellow

The Standard RG550 is a rock-solid riff machine. Three decades of metal have made this into the high-performance brute that it is today. Made in Japan, these are some of the finest guitars you can get for the money.

Ibanez RG550-Road Flare Red

Three Reasons why you need the Ibanez Standard RG550

  • The original shred-machine from the Ibanez workshop, building their reputation for super-fast playing and high performance
  • Industry-Leading Edge floating tremolo system
  • Ibanez V7, S1, and V8 pickups give you tonal combinations from crystal clear to searing and nasty!

Ibanez RG550-Desert Sun Yellow

This version of the RG550 sets the standard by which other superstrats are judged. Available in some eye-catching colours, incredible pickup tones, coveted Super Wizard 5-piece neck, reliable and stable tremolo… the list goes on!

Ibanez RG550-Purple Neon

We are offering the Ibanez Standard RG550 at the best price in the UK this Christmas, with FREE next-day delivery available.

Order the Ibanez RG550 Standard in Road Flare Red |Purple Neon | Desert Sun Yellow

Ibanez Prestige RG2550Z – White Pearl Metallic

Order the Ibanez RG2550Z at richtonemusic.co.uk!

The RG2550Z takes the stunning RG550 chassis and pimps it out with top components! Looking every bit the part with a metallic white finish, chrome hardware and a shiny pickguard.

Ibanez RG2550Z

Three Reasons why you need the Ibanez Prestige RG2550Z

  • Refined Wizard HP neck, offering better grip, feel and tone with an uber-slim design
  • Edge-Zero tremolo bridge pivots on a sharp knife-edge for precision and control
  • Upgraded with a trio of DiMarzio pickups, offering warm and rich dynamics

In essence, this guitar offers all the bells and whistles. If you love the look and sound of the Ibanez RG, the RG2550Z unleashes the beast to its full potential! Sooner or later, many RG players will often end up upgrading to DiMarzios anyway, and the Wizard HP neck is one of the fastest available on any guitar today. Dial your playing up to “full-shred” with the Prestige model from Ibanez.

We are offering the RG2550Z at the best price in the UK this Christmas and with a FREE next-day delivery option available.

Order the Ibanez RG2550Z at richtonemusic.co.uk!

But if you want the best deal this Christmas…

Ibanez RG Premium

Order the Ibanez RG Premium: Geyser Blue Burst | Black Ice Burst now!

This is a blinding deal this Christmas, and gets you a Premium Ibanez RG at an incredible price! There’s a choice of finishes, either the showstopping Geyser Blue Burst or the extreme Black Ice Burst. We have endeavoured to individually picture each of the serialised guitars, meaning you can pick out the exact maple top you like! This guitar is absolutely killer, and the attention to detail Ibanez pay to their Premium models is frankly legendary. Click either of the guitars below to see the Guitar Gallery images!

Ibanez RG Premium Limited RG6PFGMLTD – Geyser Blue Burst

Ibanez Premium RG Geyser Blue Burst

Ibanez RG Premium RG970QMZ – Black Ice Burst

Ibanez RG Premium Black Ice Burst

Three Reasons Why the RG Premium Limited is the Best Deal this Christmas!

  • Wizard 11-piece Panga Panga/Maple/Walnut/Purpleheart neck – supremely fast and gorgeous looks to boot.
  • Upgraded with a select trio of DiMarzio pickups, offering warm and rich dynamics
  • Just look at it… A figured maple top with an outrageous finish. Choose your favourite from the Guitar Gallery!

The construction gives you an exquisite blend of tonewoods, and the same sharp lines and contours of the RG series. The natural body binding and a choice of a blinding Geyser Blue Burst or understated Black Ice Burst finish ensure this guitar that will be a standout of your collection! Premium quality hardware and the sizzling DiMarzio pickups mean that the Premium Limited RG is a dream to play.

Order the Ibanez RG Premium: Geyser Blue Burst | Black Ice Burst now!


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