Ibanez JEM: Full-Velocity Performance and Aesthetic!

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Is there any signature guitar more identifiable than the Ibanez JEM? Designed in collaboration with guitar maestro Steve Vai in 1985, the JEM set new standards for performance. Based on the ubiquitous superstrat models from the 80s, Vai set about creating a unique instrument that is instantly recognised.

Steve Vai on stage

Originally specified to feature a solid body with a bolted maple 24-fret neck, this became a standard choice for similar instruments. Add to that the DiMarzio pickups in a versatile HSH configuration and the then ground-breaking floating bridge, and you’ve got a high-performance guitar suitable for the virtuoso legend that is Steve Vai! Aesthetic touches like the tree of life inlay and signature “Monkey Grip” also set this guitar apart from the rest. The Ibanez JEM is one of the strongest and longest-running signature guitars in history! If you want a slice of the JEM, there’s two models coming highly recommended this Christmas:

Ibanez JEM77P-BFP Steve Vai Jem – Blue Floral

Order the Ibanez JEM77P-BFP at richtonemusic.co.uk!

This is the ultimate Ibanez JEM guitar. With many of the features that made the original so great, this model is decorated with a stunning blue floral pattern. The Grand Prix car of the guitar world, and we are offering it to you at an incredible price this Christmas!


Key Features

  • Solid American Basswood body w/ “Monkey Grip”
  • Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut neck
  • Maple fretboard w/Tree of Life inlay
  • DiMarzio® Gravity Storm™ Humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions
  • DiMarzio® Evolution® Single Coil pickup in the middle
  • Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge

When you require an instrument that gives you the highest performance value, look no further! This is the “full-fat” JEM, and features a truly unique aesthetic. This is very close to Vai’s original design, equipped with DiMarzio pickups and the incredible Edge-Zero II bridge. When your playing goes to the extreme, this guitar has you covered. Ibanez further improve the neck design with a Maple/Walnut combination.

Ibanez JEM77P neck

Less garish than other models, the blue floral theme weaves tastefully across the maple fretboard. A serious guitar that will work as a blank canvas for the most extreme performances you can muster!

Why buy the JEM77P from Rich Tone Music?

We are offering this guitar at the best price in the UK this Christmas! There’s also FREE next-day delivery available, so you can be sure it will arrive in time for the big day.

The perfect gift for an extreme guitar player. All restrictions to your playing are removed, release your expression with the Ibanez JEM! And if you’ve been good all year, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to this icon of the guitar world!

Order the Ibanez JEM77P-BFP at richtonemusic.co.uk!

Ibanez JEM JR-WH Steve Vai Jem Junior – Quantum HSH – White

Order the Ibanez JEM JR-WH at richtonemusic.co.uk!

If you love the JEM but the price tag puts it a little out of your reach, we have the solution right here! The Ibanez JEM JR takes much of what makes the JEM great, and brings it to a more affordable price.


Key Features

  • Solid Mahogany Body w/”Monkey Grip”
  • Wizard III Maple Neck
  • Jatoba fretboard w/Tree of Life Inlay
  • Double Locking tremolo bridge
  • HSH Quantum pickups (Ceramic humbuckers, alnico single coil)

There’s an awful lot of guitar for your money here. The JEM JR is manufactured to exceptionally high standards by Ibanez, and the extremely fast Wizard III neck is legendary in guitar circles. Bolted onto a mahogany body, this guitar feels great in your hands and gives you a solid base for taking your playing to a new level. The sleek white finish and signature “Monkey Grip” ensure that this guitar is instantly recognisable as Steve Vai’s signature!

Ibanez JEM JR-WH close

The Quantum pickups are in-house Ibanez designs, which helps to keep the cost lower. There are no compromises however; these pickups deliver hot, clean, high output tone. They also feature on many other of Ibanez’s mid to high-range guitars, affording you a versatile guitar sound and excellent dynamic response.

Why buy the JEM JR from Rich Tone Music?

The JEM JR really is one of the best guitars available in this price range, and we are offering it at the best price in the UK! There’s next-day delivery available, meaning you can get hold of yours in time for Christmas.

If you’re sold on the JEM aesthetic but are also money-conscious, the JEM JR from Ibanez is a great option. This is an instrument that truly lets you express yourself to the max!

Order the Ibanez JEM JR-WH at richtonemusic.co.uk!


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