HUGE news from Fender: Introducing the Player Series

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Rarely do we hear an announcement as big as this from Fender. The Player Series launches today and packs brand new versions of the key players from the Fender lineup. Taking over from the flagship Mexican Standards, new components and hardware make worthy upgrades. Not only that, the range boasts a new array of colours, giving unique flavour to many of these beloved classics.

Tradition Alive with Fender Player Series

Since Leo Fender first began producing his now beyond legendary guitars way back in the 50s, his vision was to put great-quality instruments in the hands of players from all walks of life. The Standard series exemplified this sentiment, and millions of guitarists have benefited from the range’s quality and value. Having been an integral part of Fender’s offering for so long, the hallowed manufacturer has decided the time is right to switch things up! The Player Series carries this mission forward: these excellently-priced guitars will quickly become treasured staples of many a guitarist’s arsenal. We take a closer look at each of the exciting members of this brand new range…


The go-to instrument when so many people think of an electric guitar. The contoured double-cutaway, triple pickups and synchronized tremolo bridge were ground-breaking when first introduced, and have become an important cornerstone of guitar design. The excellent price point of this Player Series model will excite beginners and modders alike, as this is every bit authentic Fender at incredible value.

Stratocaster HSS

Taking the classic design of the Stratocaster and stretching the possibilities, the Player Series HSS Strat uses brand new pickups to take things up a notch. The well-known tone of the single coils is joined by a fat Player Series humbucker in the bridge position, allowing for a thicker, smoother tone when you need it most.

Stratocaster Plus Top

Taking the affordable classic into a new realm of luxury, the Plus Top Stratocaster adds a beautiful flamed maple top to this superb guitar. The authentic Fender tone is still here, with the crisp and articulate Player Series single coil pickups creating the signature bell-like tones and robust low end. This guitar will set you apart and certainly looks a much more expensive investment than it actually is. Available in both SSS and HSS configurations.

Stratocaster Floyd Rose

This guitar takes the edgy HSS platform and cranks it up to 11. The Floyd Rose bridge on this Player Series Stratocaster will unleash the full power of vibrato, its fully-floating design allowing for the most extreme of pitch bends. The double-locking setup will also ensure rock solid tuning, no matter how crazy your whammy control gets!


Fender Player Series in White

The Fender Telecaster is a rugged and dependable guitar that has been a loyal companion for so many players over the years. The Tele can take whatever you can throw at it – blues, rock, pop, jazz, country & western… its simple layout and stripped back aesthetic means it suits a wide variety of styles. Upgraded with two Player Series single coils and available in a range of lovely finishes, with either a maple or pau ferro fingerboard.

Telecaster HH

Fender Player Series HH Telecaster in sunburst

The Telecaster has been bulking and all those hours in the gym have paid off! Beefed up and badder than ever for the Player Series, the Telecaster HH jams two fat sounding humbuckers in the pickup positions. This gives you serious grunt and growl when you need it, built on the familiar format of the classic instrument.


Loved by those wanting an alternative take on the Fender vibe, the Jaguar’s 24” smaller scale allows for your playing to feel fresh and inspired. This Player Series version continues the tradition, and uses a humbucker and a single coil for a heap of tone options. Jaguars are perhaps best known for their innovative electronics. On this model the bridge humbucker coil splits via the slide switch on the body. This gives you another whole layer to your tone sculpting, and makes for an awesome instrument with authentic vibe.


Fender Player Series Jazzmaster in Buttercream finish

The Fender Jazzmaster quickly became a favourite instrument for offbeat characters and musical maestro visionaries. The warped body shape and signature sound give an unmistakable vintage feel. Think 60s California, sunshine, and surfing. This Player Series version uses two humbucker pickups, to give a rough and rugged tone. And the awesome colour finishes create a guitar you will be proud to be seen with!

Precision Bass

Fender Player Series P Bass in Black

The original fretted bass guitar, the Precision is back for the Player Series and packs some seriously seismic sound. Recognisable, reliable and respected, the Precision bass has been a mainstay of recorded music since its inception. Available with fretboard options of either the smooth playability of maple, or the traditional feel of pau ferro. Check out the colours as well, you won’t have seen classier options!

Jazz Bass

Fender Player Series Jazz Bass in Sunburst

The Fender Jazz bass is another of those instruments that seems to have always been around. It has thus created its own legend and folklore. With a brighter and richer sound than the Precision, the Jazz has been played in all styles from funk and disco to reggae, prog rock and jazz fusion. This Player Series version bumps up the pickups with two excellent single coils. These create the characteristic sound that sticks out in any mix. A wonderful selection of colours and could well be the only bass you’ll ever need!


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