Gibson 2018 Guitars Revealed

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It’s that time of the year again, the time where guitarists everywhere stop and pause for a moment to take in the brand new range of Gibson guitars that have recently been revealed.

Before we get started, just a reminder that full details on all of the Gibson 2018 guitars are now available on our site, as well as the chance to pre-order yours to ensure you’re at the front of the queue when they land in the coming weeks.

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So, what’s changed for Gibson 2018 Guitars?

In a similar vein to last year, it seems Gibson have centred their efforts on minor tweaks and change, as opposed to any real major changes. If ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • New finishes! The first images of each year’s new Gibson lineup always have me looking for the eye-catching new finishes, and this year has not disappointed. Personal stand-out favourites include the Pelham Blue Les Paul Classic (not techincally “new”, but certainly looks fresh!), the Autumn Shade SG, the Blood Orange burst guitars, as well as the Mojave Burst, too. Gibson have also introduced a new “fade” finish to some models, starting bold at the top of the body then fading to a softer burst at the bottom.
  • Cryogenically treated frets. This may be something you’ve heard of Gibson doing previously, but they have now introduced cryogenically treated frets to the whole of the 2018 range. In short, this is a NASA process where metals are cooled to extremely low temperatures in order to strengthen them, meaning your frets will be able to take years of string-bending and hard wear before you would even need to consider a fret job. Cool! 😉
  • Left-handed versions of all models. Gibson have once again confirmed there will be left-handed versions of all models available this year. A smooth move, and certainly one that is sure to please south-paw Gibson fans.
  • More focus. Gibson are only offering the HP versions of the Les Paul Standard and the SG Standard this year. They’ve reduced the number of models to help focus in on what they do best, which will no doubt help supply meet demand!

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