Fenders Assemble: The Age of Ultra

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Fender’s American Ultra series raises the bar for advanced features, providing the ultimate in performance, precision and tone. And they’re some of the best-looking guitars too, with remodeled body contours and a fine choice of incredible finishes. Fender’s new Ultra Noiseless pickups and super-fast necks make this state-of-the-art series unlike anything that’s come before. Read on for the latest on what’s coming out of their Corona, California factory…

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Fender American Ultra

These superheroes of the guitar and bass world pack a tonne of special features, aimed at improving things for the player. From the bridge to the headstock, every component has been refined for top performance. The American Ultra series instruments share some key improvements across the whole range:

Body Sculpting

Fender American Ultra Telecaster

Fender’s most iconic models receive shapely redesigns for the first time in decades. New back body curves hug your body for hours of playing comfort, and a super-sculpted heel gives unmatched access to the upper registers. In short, these are familiar yet refreshing takes on well-loved icons.

Fastest Playing Necks

Fender American Ultra Precision Bass

Perhaps the most important consideration for a guitarist is how the neck feels. Fender leave no stone unturned with the American Ultra models, ensuring these are comfortable and play effortlessly. Ultra Rolled Fingerboard Edges, smooth Ultra Satin finish and the “Modern D” neck profile combine to make soloing and chording a breeze. The 10”-14” compound-radius fingerboard becomes flatter as it nears the upper register, allowing for speed and easy bending.

American Ultra Noiseless Pickups

Fender American Ultra Jazzmaster

American Ultra instruments feature two types of innovative new noiseless pickups. Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups deliver authentic Fender single-coil sound, without any hum. Ultra Noiseless Hot pickups offer modern performance and classic tone so you can blast your amp into overdrive. These continue Fender’s development of Noiseless pickups, claiming the Ultras are the best they’ve ever built in more than two decades.

Versatile Electronics

Fender American Ultra S-1 Switch

The American Ultra guitars and basses all feature innovative electronics and features, specific to each instrument. Think of these as a hidden super-power, with the guitars’ S-1 switch providing special tonal options, particular to each model. The basses include a redesigned preamp, allowing for more expression. These also feature a passive/active toggle, giving you even more variety from a single instrument.

Brand New Finishes

Fender American Ultra HSS Strat

To match the innovative features, Fender correspondingly introduce a stunning range of finishes. Shimmering metallics in Mocha Burst, Texas Tea and Arctic Pearl are born to radiate in the spotlight. The rich, deep colour of Ultraburst and Cobra Blue recall a high performance sportscar. These are multi-depth finishes, morphing to show different shades as the light moves. Truly special, and one of the many things that will have you falling in love with the American Ultra series!

Shop: Telecaster | Stratocaster | Jazzmaster | Jazz Bass | Precision Bass


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