Fender Vintera Series Launched!

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Fender launch the new Vintera Series under the tagline “Vintage style for the modern era”. This sums it up perfectly, replacing their Classic Player series with fresh and modern takes on some of their most enduring designs. But that’s not all, the Vintera range includes plenty of period-correct reissue-style guitars as well! If you’re looking for an affordable 50s, 60s or 70s Fender instrument, this range should be your first place to look.

Featuring a truly HUGE range of models, the Vintera Series makes historical Fender guitars available at a much lower price than their American Original and Custom Shop counterparts. The entire range is made in Ensenada, Mexico, and includes Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Precision Bass, Jazz Bass and Mustang Bass offerings.

The series features two types of model; Vintage Spec and “Modified”. Vintage Spec feature period-correct specs, including neck profile and pickup voicings, whereas the Modified have the vintage look, but a few key twists give them a modern sound and feel that players are going to love! Read on for a closer look at each of the instruments in this exciting new lineup…

Fender Vintera 50s-era Models

Fender began producing their now-legendary instruments back in the 1950s. These Vintera series guitars and bass pay tribute to those pioneers, giving the original look and flavour that has become so beloved in recent years.

50s Telecaster

The Vintera 50s Telecaster is as ‘vanilla’ as they come. This is a remake honouring that original 50s Telecaster design that put Fender on the map.

Fender Vintera 50s Telecaster

  • Revoiced Vintage-Style ‘50s Single Coil Tele pickups
  • “Early 50s U”-shaped neck
  • 3-saddle American Vintage String-Thru Bridge

2-Tone Sunburst | Fiesta Red | Sonic Blue

50s Stratocaster

This Vintera 50s Stratocaster pays homage to the original Strat design from the 1950s. Historic specs and classic colour options make this perfect for traditionalists.

Fender Vintera 50s Stratocaster

  • Trio of Vintage-Style ‘50s Single Coil Strat pickups
  • “Soft V”-shaped neck
  • 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo with bent steel saddles

Sea Foam Green | Sonic Blue | White Blonde

50s MOD Telecaster

Taking over from the acclaimed Baja Tele, this is for those who love the classic 50s looks but need more fuel on the fire. Upgraded pickups, tone circuit and a modern neck profile.

Fender Vintera 50s MOD Telecaster

  • Custom Shop “Twisted” Single-Coil (neck) & Custom Shop Vintage-Style Single-Coil (bridge)
  • S-1 Tone Circuit
  • Thick “Soft-V” shaped neck

Butterscotch Blonde | Daphne Blue | Sea Foam Green

50s MOD Stratocaster

With the vintage looks of a 50s Strat, the Vintera 50s MOD Stratocaster packs modern features under the bonnet to keep sound and feel contemporary.

Fender Vintera 50s MOD Stratocaster

  • 3 x Vintage-Style ‘50s Single-Coil “Hot” Strat pickups
  • S-1 Tone Circuit
  • “Modern C”-shaped neck
  • Contemporary 2-point tremolo with vintage bent steel saddles

2-Tone Sunburst | Daphne Blue

50s Precision Bass

Based on the instrument that started the electric revolution. The Vintera 50s Precision Bass is going to be very popular with those after the original electric bass tone with classic style.

Fender Vintera 50s Precision

  • Vintage-Style ‘50s Split Single-Coil pickup
  • Chunky “‘50s P Bass C”-shaped neck
  • Anodized gold pickguard

Dakota Red | Sea Foam Green | Vintage Blonde

Fender Vintera 60s-era Models

Moving into the swinging 60s, Fender fell into their stride and began pushing the envelope with more adventurous designs. This era was all about innovation and experimentation, underlined by a big helping of cool.

60s Stratocaster

Not many guitars say 1960s more than the Fender Strat! This Vintera 60s Stratocaster is made to historic spec, giving you the coveted sound, feel and style of this defining decade.

Fender Vintera 60s Stratocaster

  • Trio of Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Strat pickups
  • “Mid 60s C”-shaped neck profile
  • 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo

3-Tone Sunburst | Ice Blue Metallic | Sea Foam Green

60s Bigsby Telecaster

Adding the one thing that was missing from the Telecaster – a vibrato bridge! Awesome spaghetti western styling in spades thanks to the audacious Bigsby bridge on this Vintera 60s Telecaster.

Fender Vintera 60s Tele Bigsby

  • Revoiced Vintage-Style ‘60s Single-Coil Tele pickups
  • “Early ‘60s C”-shaped neck
  • Bigsby B5 Bridge and Tailpiece

3-Tone Sunburst | White Blonde

60s Jazzmaster

Original introduced to top Fender’s guitar range and appeal to jazz guitarists, the Jazzmaster found favour among surf and rock players in the early 60s. The Vintera ‘60s Jazzmaster gives you that classic sound and feel.

Fender Vintera 60s Jazzmaster

  • Pair of Vintage-Style ‘60s Single-Coil Jazzmaster pickups
  • “Mid 60s C”-shaped neck
  • 6-Saddle Vintage-Style bridge with “Floating” tailpiece

Ice Blue Metallic | Olympic White

60s Jaguar

Made to historic specification, the Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar provides the bold tone and unmistakable style that has made this guitar an enduring favourite.

Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar

  • Vintage-Style single-coil Jaguar pickups with focusing cages
  • “Mid 60s C”-shaped neck profile
  • Jaguar Bridge with Mustang Saddles and Vintage Style “Floating” Tremolo Tailpiece

3-Tone Sunburst | Ocean Turquoise

60s Mustang

Built to the same specifications as the originals, the Vintera 60s Mustang earns its place as a real favourite for alternatives. Some great colours here too!

Fender Vintera 60s Mustang

  • 2 x Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Mustang
  • “60s C”-shaped neck profile with 22 frets
  • 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Mustang Tremolo

3-Tone Sunburst | Lake Placid Blue | Sea Foam Green

60s MOD Jazzmaster

With old-style classic looks, the Vintera 60s Modified Jazzmaster features a host of contemporary upgrades. A stunning blend of style and substance!

Fender Vintera 60s MOD Jazzmaster

  • Revoiced Vintage-Style ‘60s Hot Jazzmaster pickups
  • “Modern C”-shaped neck profile
  • Adjusto-Matic™ Bridge with Vintage Style “Floating” Tremolo

3-Tone Sunburst | Sea Foam Green

60s MOD Jaguar

It may look like a classic, but Fender have finely tuned the Vintera 60s Modified Jaguar. Player-focused enhancements give more power, and make a great guitar for the modern-day guitarist.

Fender Vintera 60s MOD Jaguar

  • Pair of “Atomic” humbucking pickups
  • “Modern C”-shaped neck profile
  • Rhythm & Lead tone circuit controls via slide switches

Sea Foam Green | Sonic Blue

60s MOD Stratocaster

Hot and versatile, the Vintera 60s Modified Stratocaster channels the classic looks, and gives a surprisingly gnarly kick. Modded pickups and electronics abound!

Fender Vintera 60s MOD Stratocaster

  • 3 x Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Hot Strat pickups
  • S-1 switch adds the neck pickup in positions 1 and 2
  • “Modern C”-shaped neck
  • 2-Point Synchronized Tremolo with Vintage-Style Stamped Steel Saddles

Burgundy Mist | Olympic White

60s MOD Telecaster

Groovy 60s looks along with some wizardry lying beneath. The Vintera 60s Modified Telecaster’s tone circuit will give you a tonne of sonic options!

Fender Vintera 60s MOD Telecaster

  • Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Hot Tele pickups
  • Series pickup wiring sound like a humbucking pickup
  • S-1 switch puts the pickups out of phase with each other
  • “Thick C”-shaped neck

Lake Placid Blue | Sea Foam Green

60s Jazz Bass

With a different character entirely to the Precision Bass, the Jazz quickly became a firm favourite for players of all genres of music. The Vintera 60s Jazz carries the classic style and grace of this inspirational instrument.

Fender Vintera 60s Jazz Bass

  • 2 x Vintage-Style ’60s Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickups
  • “Mid ’60s C” shape neck profile
  • 4-Saddle American Vintage Bass

3-Tone Sunburst | Daphne Blue | Firemist Gold

60s Mustang Bass

The Mustang Bass is one of the coolest little bass guitars going. An enduring favourite thanks to its offset looks and short scale! The Vintera 60s Mustang Bass pays tribute to the originals.

Fender Vintera 60s Mustang Bass

  • Vintage-Style ’60s Split Single-Coil Mustang Bass middle pickup
  • “Mid ‘60s Mustang C”-shaped neck with 19 frets
  • 4-Saddle Mustang Bass bridge

3-Tone Sunburst | Fiesta Red | Sea Foam Green

Vintera 70s-era Models

After a well-documented CBS takeover, Fender began to make tweaks and changes to their classic designs in the 1970s. Big headstocks, 3-bolt necks, and fresh colours all started to appear in their catalogue. The Vintera 70s models pay their respects to this interesting period in Fender’s history.

70s Stratocaster

As vibey as you like, the Vintera 70s Stratocaster carries the swagger of the decade. The aesthetics are on point, from the colour options down to the period-correct “F”-stamped tuning machines.

Fender Vintera 70s Stratocaster

  • 3 x Vintage-Style ’70s Single-Coil Strat pickups
  • “Early 70s C”-shaped neck profile
  • 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo

Aged Natural | Mocha | Sienna Sunburst

70s Jazz Bass

A favourite for it growling tone and thin neck, the Fender Jazz Bass receives an homage in the form of the Vintera 70s. Period-correct design and aesthetics, experience the style of the era with a fine choice of colours.

Fender Vintera 70s Jazz Bass

  • Vintage-Style ’70s Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickups
  • “’70s C”-shaped neck profile with pearloid block inlays
  • Vintage-Style stamped open-gear tuning machines

3-Tone Sunburst | Aged Natural | Inca Silver

70s Telecaster Custom

A period-accurate neck profile and vintage-voiced pickups on the Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom provides a tone and playing feel straight from the era.

Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Custom

  • Fender Wide Range Humbucking Pickup (neck) & Vintage-Style ’70s Single-Coil Tele (bridge)
  • “Slim C”-shaped neck profile
  • 3-Saddle American Vintage Strings-Through-Body Tele bridge
  • “F”-stamped tuning machines

Black | Fiesta Red | Sonic Blue

70s Telecaster Deluxe

Capturing the 70s aesthetics perfectly, the Vintera 70s Telecaster Deluxe channels the original sound, feel and style of this popular Telecaster variation.

Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Deluxe

  • 2 x Revoiced Fender Wide Range Humbucking pickups
  • “Slim C”-shaped neck profile
  • 6-Saddle Strings-Through-Body Bridge with bent steel saddles

3-Tone Sunburst | Mocha | Vintage Blonde

70s Telecaster Thinline

Equipped with the coveted features that defined the decade including period-accurate neck profile and playing feel, along with re-voiced pickups. The Fender Vintera ’70s Telecaster Thinline has all of the power and glamour that made the Telecaster Thinline a legend.

Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Thinline

  • Duo of Fender Wide Range Humbucking pickups
  • “Slim C”-shaped neck profile
  • 3-Saddle American Vintage Strings-Through-Body Tele bridge

Aged Natural | Candy Apple Red | Vintage Blonde


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