Fender Rumble Stage and Studio Amps – NAMM 2018

Posted on 23rd January 2018 by

With NAMM 2018 in just a few days, we now see the newest versions in the Fender Rumble Bass series – the Stage 800 and the Studio 40. These lightweight and feature-packed amplifiers borrow much of the technology from the acclaimed Mustang GT. With digital hardware they are versatile and transportable, meaning they are a great choice for the travelling bassist.

Over 100 Amplifiers in One

The world’s first WiFi-equipped guitar amp was the Mustang GT, and the new Fender Rumble uses this same ground-breaking technology to now offer the same features to bass players. With 100 factory presets you’ll be able to find the perfect bass tone for your playing. With modelling of everything from Fender’s classic Bassman amp of the 50s, monster rigs of the 70s, right up to today’s modern bass amps. You’ve got studio-quality delay and reverb effects, as well as compression and EQ controls. Additionally these amps feature bass specific effects such as envelope filters and octave effects.

Sculpt your Dream Tone

If you’re still not happy with what’s there, make use of the 100 user presets and create your own dream sound. The WiFi connectivity lets you share presets worldwide, and Fender have teamed up with a load of artists to create their signature sounds; all available as free downloads! Fender have scheduled firmware updates to come, so any digital developments can be transferred onto your amplifier to keep it performing to the latest spec. Both also have Bluetooth connectivity so you can play along with tracks from your phone wirelessly.

Stage or Studio?

The Fender Rumble comes in two sizes: the Stage 800 and the Studio 40. The Stage is an 800 Watt beast featuring two 10 inch Fender special design speakers. Although at only 18kg it won’t be a backbreaker during load in! The Studio 40 is more suited to home and studio use; it has one of the 10 inch speakers and kicks out a manageable 40 Watts. Both feature an XLR output so you can guarantee a solid and full-sounding tone for recording or for live use.

Flexible and Lightweight

We think these are a great option for a player who’s going to need versatility in their bass tone. Perhaps you’re playing in a couple of different bands or just want to explore some new sounds. Their lightweight nature makes them an excellent choice for gigs; they fit in the car and can be carried around easily – an important consideration for any bass player!


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