Fender Hot Rod IV Series Announced – NAMM 2018

Posted on 23rd January 2018 by

Fender start 2018 with new versions of their Hot Rod Series. These have had some subtle yet practical cosmetic upgrades, as well as some tweaks in the electronics to improve both dynamics and tone. Having been produced for over 20 years, the Hot Rod Series has quickly become a firm favourite thanks to its incredible vintage clean tone. Now onto its 4th edition, let’s have a closer look and see what valuable changes have been made.

Hot Rod DeVille 212 and Hot Rod Deluxe IV

The first things to notice on these amps are the visual changes. The grille cloth on the front and the cabinet have a much more aged appearance, looking as if they have been part of a dingy blues backline club for decades. Fender have also changed the controls from black to ivory chicken-head knobs, meaning they are easier to see in the dark. The cabinet material has been changed to Pine, and so both the Deluxe and DeVille are lighter than previous versions.

The amps feature the 12” Celestion A-Type speaker, 1×12 in the Deluxe and 2×12 in the Deville. This great driver can provide a powerful and well-balanced output. This constitutes a smooth sound with a rounded-off top and bottom, creating a laid-back tone – very pleasant on the ears! Fender have modded the pre-amp circuitry which gives better overdriven note definition, and have smoothed out the spring reverb to give clarity no matter how hard these amps are pushed. At 40W in the Deluxe and 60W in the DeVille, there’s enough all-valve grunt in either amp to suit a studio or club set up. A marked improvement on previous versions, featuring style and sound you can only get from a Fender amp!

Blues Junior IV

A small combo amp that punches well above its weight class; the Blues Junior has become one of the best-loved pieces of guitarist’s gear. Featuring the 12” Celestion A-Type speaker for a smooth and laidback clean tone, this 15W amplifier is sure to be a favourite in a recording setting. The aesthetics have been updated, with the aged grille cloth and textured vinyl giving off a vintage vibe. A reliable and pedal-friendly unit, the Blues Junior IV is an ideal addition to any guitarist’s amp collection.

Pro Junior IV

Simple and straightforward, the Pro Junior is a workhorse amplifier. With only one channel, the Pro Junior has been improved with a modified volume circuit. This breaks up more gradually and gives the amplifier a few more sweet spots to produce classic Fender tone. Anywhere from crystal clean up to tubey-drive, this amp can perform. The bass has also been tightened up and this gives better definition when cranked up. Looking great in its new lacquered tweed covering, vintage ‘50s grille cloth, chrome control panel, ready for the stage or studio the Pro Junior IV will make a fine addition to your amp collection.


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