Contemporary Style: Fender California Series

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Superior With acoustic guitars once again surging in popularity, Fender have launched their brand-new California series at NAMM. Contemporary and current in every sense, these guitars are as far flung from conventional as you can imagine. Stand out with your style; there’s no sunburst or natural finishes here! Tapping in to the laid-back attitude found in Fender’s home patch of southern California, Rich Tone Music check out the latest groovy additions…

Redondo Player

First of all, the slope-shouldered Redondo has a rich and commanding voice. This is due to its big-body and bracing optimized for resonance whilst remaining lightweight as possible. A Fishman preamp makes it easy to plug and play without compromising on the guitar’s great natural sound. Rather than using conventional styling, its headstock shape is borrowed from Fender’s iconic electric guitars. In three smooth finishes, the Redondo is a great all-rounder with heaps of chilled out style.

Newporter Player

A new take on a tried and tested concept, the Newporter is a medium-sized acoustic with a balanced natural tone. Undeniably cool, its fully-painted gloss metallic body is set off with a 3-ply gold pickguard. The headstock is Fender’s trademark 6 in-line, and its colour-coded headstock. With a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides the Newporter has a classic voice, and its slim C shape neck makes it to play. With four groovy colour schemes to choose from you can express your individual style.

Malibu Player

The smallest of the California series, the Malibu is an especially beautiful guitar which sounds as good as it looks. With a more compact body and shorter scale, this guitar will have you reaching for new chords as you explore your creative side. Tweaks to the bracing has achieved superior resonance, and the GraphTech nut and saddle allow for greater sustain. We think the colour options here are among the best in the series and are decidedly offbeat. The Arctic Gold is stunning, although the red and aqua finishes are just as eye-catching, difficult to make our minds up on the favourite here!

Newporter, Redondo & Malibu Classic

Classic only in name, these are upgraded versions of the Redondo, Newporter and Malibu guitars. With a solid mahogany body and no pickguard on the solid spruce top, these guitars boom with solid natural tone. The saddle and nut are bone here, improving the sound by boosting the guitars’ sustain. Each finishes in one of two exclusive colour schemes, these guitars set themselves apart in Hot Rod Metallic and Cosmic Turquoise.

Newporter, Malibu & Redondo Special

Produced under Fender’s no compromises attitude, the California Special line represents refinement and style. Once again an all-solid construction of mahogany and spruce gives these guitars powerful and resonant sound. The finishes may be more subtle, with the only option being Satin Black. However, the colour-matched Fender headstock is here to prove that these guitars are anything but conventional!


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