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Read our rundown of every model in the series, as well as a first look at what new finishes are available for each guitar! Or read the series overview for brief look at what’s new in the American Ultra range…

American Ultra Electric Guitars

The Fender American Ultra guitars are set to take the world by storm. Features include a unique “Modern D” neck profile with Ultra rolled fingerboard edges for hours of playing comfort. The tapered neck heel allows easy access to the highest register. A speedy 10”-14” compound radius fingerboard with medium-jumbo frets means effortless and accurate soloing, while the Ultra Noiseless pickups and advanced wiring options provide hum-free tonal possibilities.

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Key Features

Treble Bleed Circuit

Fender Ultra Treble Bleed

Rolling back the volume knob often results in a loss of high-end. The treble-bleed circuit on the American Ultra series’ volume pots allows high-end clarity, crispness and definition at reduced volumes.

Locking Tuning Machines

Fende Ultra Locking Tuners

Offering increased stability and the ability to quickly and easily change strings, the American Ultra guitars use locking tuners as standard.


American Ultra Telecasters

American Ultra Telecaster: Butterscotch Blonde | Cobra Blue | Mocha Burst | Plasma Red Burst | Ultraburst – MN | Arctic Pearl | Texas Tea | Ultraburst – RW

Known for its simplicity and workhorse ethics, the Telecaster is a staple of every musical genre out there. While still maintaining its classic lines, the American Ultra Telecaster has all the refinements; newly designed body contours, Ultra Noiseless Telecaster pickups, and compound radius fingerboard.

S-1 Switch Functionality

American Ultra Telecaster S1 Switch

In general, electric guitar pickups are wired in parallel. This means that each pickup independently sends their signal directly to the volume and tone circuits. The American Ultra Telecaster does this, but when the S-1 switch is pushed in, the pickups are in Series. This combines the two pickup signals into one. This raises the output level and creates a fuller tone – sort of like having an onboard boost pedal!


American Ultra Stratocasters

American Ultra Stratocaster: Ultraburst – RW | Plasma Red Burst – RW | Arctic Pearl | Aged Natural – RW | Ultraburst – MN | Texas Tea | Plasma Red Burst – MN |  Mocha Burst | Cobra Blue | Aged Natural – MN

The Fender Strat is a real triumph of guitar design. The American Ultra Stratocaster isn’t reinventing the wheel, but gives you more of a good thing. The Ultra series upgrades are all here, plus an advanced two-point tremolo and super-quiet Ultra Noiseless Vintage Strat pickups. The pickups feature Alnico 5 pole pieces for sweet vintage Strat tone without the hum.

S-1 Switching

American Ultra Stratocaster S1 Switch

The American Ultra Stratocaster features custom wiring that allows you to add the neck pickup to any of the first three switching positions via the S-1 switch at any time. Adding the neck pickup provides tonal expansion at the push of a button.

Stratocaster HSS

American Ultra Stratocasters HSS

American Ultra Stratocaster HSS: Plasma Red Burst | Arctic Pearl | Texas Tea | Ultraburst – MN | Aged Natural | Cobra Blue | Ultraburst – RW

Fender has been equipping Stratocaster guitars with humbucking pickups for decades. For players who want that extra girth in their Strat sound, they offer the American Ultra Stratocaster HSS. The all-new Ultra Double Tap humbucking pickup raises the bar for Fender humbucking technology.

Single Coil with S-1

American Ultra Stratocaster HSS S1 Switch

The American Ultra Stratocaster HSS features an Ultra Double Tap humbucking pickup for a fat double-coil tone. Most coil splitting technology tends to leave you with “half the humbucking” instead of the true chime and cutting tone of a single coil bridge pickup. Not the case here. The Double Tap’s is voiced to give you a clear, powerful single-coil sound when you engage the S-1 switch.


American Ultra Jazzmasters

American Ultra Jazzmaster: Cobra Blue | Plasma Red Burst | Mocha Burst | Ultraburst

When first introduced in 1958, the Jazzmaster was presented as “America’s Finest Electric Guitar”, a new top-of-the-line entry into the Fender spectrum. And so, it has remained over the decades without too much alteration or upgrade, and therefore the American Ultra Jazzmaster is so special. There is a flood of of never-before-seen enhancements to this Jazzmaster!

Dual Volume Phase Circuit

American Ultra Jazzmaster Tone Circuit

The American Ultra Jazzmaster features a dual volume Phase Circuit to unleash new sonic colours. The upper bout slider switch turns the Ultra Jazzmaster’s Phase Circuit ON and OFF. When in the ON position, each pickup has an independent volume thumb wheel to balance or accentuate either pickup. When the circuit is engaged, the pickups are out of phase, opening up a palette of new sonic colours and tones.

American Ultra Basses

Incredibly smooth playing, beautifully appointed and tonally exciting, the American Ultra basses will impress even the most discerning player. These basses are so well-equipped they will outgun and outmanoeuvre much more expensive boutique-styled instruments.

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Key Features

Light-Weight Tuners

Fender Ultra Lightweight Bass Tuners

Fender “F” light-weight Vintage-Paddle Keys with tapered shafts are incredibly stable. Wider at the top and narrow at the base, the tapered shaft is engineered to naturally create downward force as you wind the strings.

Active Or Passive

Fende Ultra Active Toggle

A redesigned preamp features three bands of active boost/cut for sweeter highs, focused mids and more usable bass. For a more traditional tone, try using the redesigned Ultra Noiseless pickups in passive mode. A mini toggle easily switches the basses from passive to active modes.

Precision Bass

American Ultra Precision Basses

American Ultra Precision Bass: Plasma Red Burst | Arctic Pearl | Aged Natural | Mocha Burst | Ultraburst

Introduced in 1951, the Fender Precision Bass rocked the Earth with its simple and pioneering design. Going on to become the foundation of modern popular music, the Precision Bass now receives the Ultra treatment. With the expanded possibilities of a Jazz Bass bridge pickup and an all-new preamp, this bass goes above and beyond!

Expanded Tonality

American Ultra Precision Bass Pickup

The Ultra Precision Bass features the Ultra Noiseless Jazz Bass pickup in the bridge position. The Pan knob allows you to use it independently or blend it with the Ultra Noiseless P Bass pickup to any degree. Enjoy a wide range of applications with this fresh combination.

Jazz Bass

American Ultra Jazz Basses

American Ultra Jazz Bass: Cobra Blue | Texas Tea | Arctic Pearl | Aged Natural | Ultraburst

The American Ultra Jazz Bass features all the highly detailed and nuanced upgrades of the Ultra series, yet maintains everything that makes a Fender Jazz Bass such a venerable instrument. Its versatile sound easily matches any playing style. Whether picked, plucked or slapped-and-popped, its innovative improvements will attract even the most discerning players.

Fender HiMass Bridge

American Ultra Jazz Bass Hi Mass Bridge

With near universal player approval, the Fender HiMass bridge is standard equipment on all American Ultra basses. It’s a substantial anchor and as a result offers smooth individual string intonation and loads of sustain. Artists from Flea to Geddy Lee specify the Fender HiMass for their signature basses.

Jazz Bass V

American Ultra Jazz V Basses

American Ultra Jazz Bass V: Ultraburst | Mocha Burst | Plasma Red Burst | Arctic Pearl | Aged Natural

For players who love the expanded depths of a five-string bass, American Ultra Jazz Bass V is a “must have.” The fluid playability of this instrument is evident the moment you pick it up. Fender created specific 5-string Ultra Noiseless pickups, as well as a special HiMass bridge. No easy task, but the results are worth it! The American Ultra Jazz Bass V is a fine-tuned machine that delivers extreme low end.

Low B String Tree

American Ultra Jazz V Bass String Tree

Anchored by the nut of the low B string tuning machine, an ingeniously incorporated string tree provides downward pull on the heaviest string. Consequently this improves tension and avoids the slack feel found on many 5-string basses.


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