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The American Professional II range is here! Fender’s latest line of state-of-the-art guitars and basses promises to be a huge hit, following massive success with the first American Professional range. Read on to find out the key improvements that will make this series a firm favourite for years to come…

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Building on Success

Beginning way back in 1986 with the American Standard series, Fender offered US-made, high-quality guitars that became trusted companions for musicians from all walks of life. In 2016 Fender rebooted with the American Professional series to much acclaim from both professional players and enthusiasts. And now in 2020 the American Pro II Series is here, taking what was great about the original series and improving it across all areas.

American Pro II Neck plate

To make it clear, they haven’t ripped up the blueprint and started again. Players loved the American Professional series, and in true Fender fashion they have listened and enhanced their designs to give guitarists everything they want and more.

Made in USA

Fender workshop sanding edges

As the name would imply, all these guitars and basses are handcrafted in Fender’s manufacturing facility in Corona, California. This is the very same plant that’s been building high-quality American instruments since 1986. Imagine the skills and expertise that’s on hand; safe to say these guys and girls know a thing or two about building Fenders!

American Professional II New Features Overview

New Finishes

With any new launch Fender like to mix up the colour options. For the American Professional II series there’s a brand new selection of finishes to choose from. Classics like 3-Tone Sunburst and Olympic White are here to stay, this time adding a trendy tortoiseshell pickguard for what we think is real timeless look.

Am Pro II Stratocaster Colour options

Browse the Fender American Professional II Range Now

The new colours are Miami Blue, Dark Night, Mystic Surf Green and Mercury. These take Fender forward and give you a guitar that looks unlike any other. There’s also a brand new natural Roasted Pine finish available.

That’s right, Ash is gone and Fender are going to be using Roasted Pine for this series in its place. Previously reserved for Custom Shop and Limited Edition builds, we’re excited to see Pine as an option on standard production instruments! It’s lighter than ash, and the roasting process firms up the wood for increased resonance and stability. Butterscotch Blonde, Sienna Sunburst and Natural guitars all feature Roasted Pine bodies.

Am Pro Roasted Pine Strat

V-Mod II Pickups

The first iteration of the V-Mod pickups began in 2016 with the first American Professional range. These came courtesy of in-house pickup design maestro Tim Shaw. Things have moved on in the last 4 years, and the V-Mod II pickups are better than ever. Mixing alnico magnet values, using different types of coil wire and employing experimental winding techniques has all helped to produce a new breed of powerful and versatile pickups that’s characteristically Fender. There’s nobody else employing boutique pickup winding methods on standard production instruments. In this respect, Fender are blazing a new path.

Each pickup is designed and voiced specifically for the instrument and position on the guitar. Pick up a Tele and it’s got the twang, the Strat has that iconic bell-like chime and the Jazzmaster’s jangly character is all there. There’s also the Double Tap humbucker on selected models. This ground-breaking design provides the full power of a humbucker which can be tapped to give a just as convincing single-coil tone – all in one pickup!

Fender zebra humbuckers

Treble-bleed circuitry features as standard, retaining high frequencies as you turn down the volume knob. There’s also push/push switches featured on many of the guitars. Functions range from tapping a humbucker, bridge pickup boost and series/parallel switching dependent on the model.

Treble Bleed detail

Neck Design

Fender use the popular Deep “C” neck carve for the American Professional II range. This is somewhere between the Modern “C” and “U” profile; comfortable with a bit more mass than before. A new Super-Natural satin finish on the back of the neck allows for smooth and fast movement.

The 9.5” fingerboard radius offers a perfect balance between the rounder vintage-style fretboards and the flatter radius of many modern guitars. In addition, the shaping on the rolled fingerboard edges has been given extra attention for an even more “played-in” feel.

The frets are Narrow Tall across the board, again providing the best of both worlds. It’s as high as a medium jumbo for accuracy and string-bending potential, whilst also giving a vintage-inspired feel under your fingers.

Am Pro II neck closeup

Range of Instruments

The American Professional II range goes all in – there’s a huge variety of instruments covered! Traditionals like the Strat & Tele guitars and Jazz & Precision basses are here as we’d expect, plus the gorgeous Jazzmaster, HSS Strat and Deluxe Telecaster for those asking a little more. Practically every colour combination is available on each instrument, with only a few exceptions at present. See more in the Guitar Gallery, click any of the in-stock guitars below to see high-resolution images and weights for each individual serial number.

Browse the Fender American Professional II Range Now

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