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Bonjour, friends of Rich Tone! We’re incredibly excited to announce we are now stocking a new range of effects pedals from Anasounds. With their solid aluminium casing, and bamboo/mahogany laser engraved designs, they’re up there with the most stunningly crafted pedals we’ve ever seen.

Perhaps their charm has something to do with them being ethically handmade at the Anasounds HQ in France. This means you can enjoy their line of stompboxes without treading on anyone’s toes. Or clones.

So, to commemorate news of this exciting delivery, we’re going to run through some of their best sellers for you. Furthermore, we’ll look into a couple of their newer products, too.

Cerberus Custom Overdrive: Infinite Styles Of Filth

Anasound CerberusIt’s no secret. Guitarists like to switch their tone like they change underwear. So, that’s why several pedals from Anasounds are completely customizable from the inside and out. This hot slice of sound can distribute a clear overdrive that keeps the character of your clean tone. As well as finding those saturated harmonics guitarists crave.

You’ll find it has an easy-to-use outer control panel that gives the player three types of clipping; jazz blues and rock. Additionally, you can open up the back and use its potentiometer to transform your overdrive completely. Whether you’re after a warm distortion or looking to deliver total filth, the Cerberus offers guitar players almost infinite styles of overdrive.

Savage Overdrive: A Fierce Homage To The Klon

Anasounds SavageThis ferocious beast of an overdrive has been inspired by the illustrious Klon Centaur. It’s warm and powerful tone has been revered by guitarists since the early 90s. So, what better way of paying homage to a legend than by having Anasounds reshape it.

The Savage keeps the vintage electronic structure of its inspiration, but includes a rearrangement of the clipping, tone circuit, voicing and buffer. The result is not only a simple boost/overdrive, but also a cracking enhancer. It lets you magnify the natural sound of your amp while delivering a maximum, warm resonance. And, like many pedals from Anasounds, you can work the circuitry in search of your desired sound.

Utopia Delay: A Slap-back Without Suffering

Anasounds UtopiaIntroducing the Utopia. A tape echo pedal connected to a modulation with a changeable speed and depth. Guitarists will know that sometimes the signal gets lost among the sound. Especially using delay-based pedals. Not this guy, though. It’s actually capable of accentuating your tone and helps you stand out in the mix. All of those warm, vintage echoes and filters you love can still cut through even the most ‘washy’ of guitar tones.

It can be used with very little repetition and a short delay time to deliver an incredible slap-back. Alternatively, it can be made to transport your sound to the other side of the Milky Way, and back.  Overall, the Utopia sounds as fantastic as it looks.

New Pedals From Anasounds: Lazy Comp

Anasounds Lazy Comp

This one is for the passive player. The sort of axe-grinder who’s loath to spend hours twiddling with thresholds, ratio, attack and release. The front end simply lets the user blend the wet and dry mixes to instantly deliver a fully compressed or completely clean sound. Easy.

But, of course, like most pedals from Anasounds, you can bypass the Lazy Comp‘s simplicity by entering through its back door. Tweak the settings of the analogue circuitry to suit your sound and get lost in a world of warm, natural compression. Maybe it is a Lazy Comp. But, we love it.

New Pedals From Anasounds: Bitoun Fuzz Fuzz

Anasounds BitounQuestion: what’s better than your new favourite fuzz pedal? Answer: two of them.

First, Anasounds set out to create the ultimate Super Fuzz – an ever-long search for the right blend of big and brutal tones. And, one that’s easy to play. Sure, it’s painless enough to secure a great accent in a quiet room. But, lob it in the mix with your band, and a chunk of that brutish bully-boy sound tends to do a Houdini.

Now, following years of research, the team at Anasounds have cracked it. By plugging the Anasounds Feed Me into a Super Fuzz prototype, they’ve discovered that perfect blend they were looking for. By bringing two separate circuits to work together as one the Bitoun was born. It’s not a dual fuzz, but, a double fuzz. It’s also the ultimate fuzz.

There you have it. If you’re keen to find out more about these fab sounding pedals, you can head to Rich Tone for a try. Equally, customers can buy them online from our web store.

Thanks for reading and au revoir!


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