Earthquaker Devices: New for NAMM 2019!

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Earthquaker Devices is a brand well-known for its off the wall and unique FX pedal designs. Proudly handmade in Akron, Ohio, these pedals use propriety components and combine exciting features together with a cool user-friendly aesthetic. The two latest additions comprise an update on the heavenly Dispatch Master, and a new switcher box that will harness your rig’s true potential!

Dispatch Master V3

One of the all-time favourites from the Earthquaker Devices’ range just got even better. The Dispatch Master is a delay and reverb in one, consequently giving you crystalline delays and reverberating soundscapes. The key update for V3 is the inclusion of a propriety flexi-switch. This is Earthquaker’s own design that allows you to switch between latch and momentary operation.

Dispatch Master V3

The Dispatch Master’s hi-fi delay and reverb sounds, as well as intuitive controls make it a staple of pro pedalboards around the globe. The dynamic reverb goes from natural and roomy through to cavernous and deep. Up to 1.5 seconds of delay time and a dialled-in delay Repeats control delivers anything between a single echo to infinite repeats. Its simplicity has made it a popular “always on” effect for players who want to add a touch of ambience and slapback to their clean tone, since its lush ambient sounds make it a perfect fit for modern and experimental players.

Swiss Things

EQD Swiss Things

This is an all-in-one switching solution for your pedalboard! Swiss Things combines:

  • Two true-bypass Flexi-Switch™ enabled effects loops,
  • A Flexi-Switch™ AB-Y box with transformer isolation between outputs
  • A buffered tuner output,
  • 20dB of clean boost
  • Expression pedal output for volume control
  • A quiet, high headroom output buffer.

Swiss things Diagram

This surely makes it a contender for title of ultimate switching box. Two independent effects loops mean you can link up your FX pedals in brand new creative ways, and easily control them from a single footswitch. Endless possibilities, and an ideal way to tie your FX rig together.


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