Denon DJ SC5000M Prime: Authentic DJ Experience

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Denon DJ introduce the SC5000M. Now you can enjoy the timeless tactile vinyl performance with the practicality of digital media. This is the world’s first professional DJ media player with a 7″ motorised platter, delivering a true mechanical spin at your fingertips. Read on for more about this groundbreaking bit of tech!

Denon DJ SC5000M

Denon SC5000M Key Features

Realistic Vinyl DJ Experience

The true essence of vinyl performance is brought to your fingertips with the SC5000M. The die cast aluminium platter rotates using a Brushless DC Electric motor, and features high resolution performance. The platter tracks at 3600 ticks per rotation, giving you unprecedented control over your mix.

Denon DJ SC5000M platter

Touch Screen Control

The SC5000M also features a 7” multi-touch, multi-gesture HD screen. This brings the familiarity of today’s touchscreen devices onto a DJ controller. You can quickly navigate, search, load and filter the library with your finger.

Denon DJ SC5000M top

Prime Your Music for Mixing

The SC5000M has a multicore processor inside the unit, running Denon’s Engine Prime software. This enables on-board track analysis without the need for a computer! You can import your tracks where Engine Prime will analyse the music and place markers, allowing you to use the platter. DJs can sync with iTunes, Serato DJ Pro and now Native Instruments Traktor. Effortlessly import playlists, hot cues and loop information in an instant!

Denon DJ SC5000M Side

Taking DJing into the Future

The Denon DJ SC5000M is an extraordinary unit. Using the tactile control that vinyl DJs love to use, and combining that with the limitless functionality of digital media. This is pro-grade unit and will quickly become your decks of choice.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Wow! Denon has definitely brought the vinyl feeling back. This feels exactly like a turntable and it’s a 7” platter too which

brings me back to playing 45’s as well. The players are great, lots of options like the dual-layer which is amazing because you

only need two players to actually play four different records at any given time”.

– Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez (‘Masters at Work’, iconic House DJ)

Check out DJ City’s review below


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