Darkglass’ New Alpha•Omega Ultra – NAMM 2018

Posted on 25th January 2018 by

One for the bassists – Darkglass have been taking the world by storm over the last couple of years with their line of hand built pedals for bass guitars. The Darkglass Alpha•Omega Ultra builds on the Finnish outfit’s fast-growing pedigree with some killer enhancements made to their very successful Alpha•Omega pedal.

Analog Tone, Digital Precision

This is the most versatile bass pre-amplifier Darkglass have designed, taking much from last year’s version. A great piece of equipment for getting that ideal bass tone on recordings, and it shines in a live environment. Just dial in your settings and prepare for the thump! The two distortion circuits are back, named Alpha and Omega, capable of providing gratuitous growl to dirty up your sound. This distortion can be blended in with the clean sound, as well as boosted at specific frequencies with the “Bite” and “Growl” emphasis switches.

Perhaps the most striking feature compared to the Alpha•Omega is the enhanced EQ. This now bristles with a 6-band graphic EQ giving you even more control over your tone. Operating independently from the distortion circuit, the EQ can be used in isolation. And on top of all that it looks undeniably cool…

Included is Darkglass’ Virtual Cabinet Suite software. This means you can get a consistent studio-grade setup in a matter of seconds via a USB upload. And the patches are incredible! There’s variety, functionality and accuracy among the settings.

Another great product from Darkglass, a brand we have been excited about at Rich Tone Music and look forward to seeing what else they can possibly come up with.


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