Collection Service For Sell Your Gear Items

Posted on 6th April 2020 by

We now offer collections for Sell Your Gear items!

The current restrictions on travel understandably make trading in your gear less straightforward than before. We routinely receive hundreds of items a week, many of which are usually dropped off in person at the shop. Even before the lock down, around 30% of our trade-ins are posted to us from around the UK, and of course we send out hundred of orders to customers daily – mail order is something we are very familiar with!

For many years now we have been proud to offer a simple and straightforward service to anyone who wishes to sell an instrument they no longer want or need. If you need a quick sale for cash or want to part-exchange against something we have in stock, Sell Your Gear is one of our most popular services and helps stock our famous Second Hand Department. We want to continue making it as easy as possible for you to sell for cash or part-exchange your gear!

Collection Services

  • In most cases we can arrange collections for a trade-in and can also advise on how best to pack for safe shipping.
  • We will be able to provide boxes and packaging in certain cases, so everyone is happy that your items arrive quickly and safely.
  • We will make all payments via bank transfer to make it as smooth and simple as possible.
  • Depending on your item, we will tailor the collection option to suit you with regards to cost-effectiveness to you, speed and of course the safety of your gear.

Some of the easiest items to ship are guitars, pedals, high-tech items, smaller amplifiers and keyboards – we of course do this ourselves every day! We appreciate that some larger items may have size or weight restrictions, and we may still be able to arrange collection or advise on how best to get the items to us.  Please contact us today and we can talk through all the options to try and help you get your items to us quickly and safely.

All our online and customer service channels are running as normal, so you can still order for home delivery and receive sales or customer service advice on the phone and via email.

Telephone: 0114 362 7777




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