Seven Guitar Accessory Gift Ideas For This Christmas

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Good Lord! Christmas is approaching fast, isn’t it? I bet you’ve not even finished your shopping yet! Don’t worry, because neither have I. And, to be honest, I’ve been waiting for someone to come along with a blog that can help me with some guitar accessory gift ideas for this Christmas.

Well, you know what they say about needing a job done properly and doing it yourself. So, with that idiom in mind, here are some guitar accessory gift ideas.

1. Fender Pro Series Strat/Tele Case

Buy The Pro Series Case Here!

 Fender Pro Series Strat/Tele Case

This Fender Pro Series Case is ideal for sorting and transporting Telecaster and Stratocaster shaped guitars. It’s stylish, lightweight and durable. So, this means you’ll have full faith in keeping that prized instrument secure.  And, its universal interior stores both left and right-handed guitars. If I were a guitarist, which I am, then I’d be thrilled to receive such a practical and stylish number (hint, hint).

2. Fender 3 Guitar Multi-Stand

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Fender Multi Stand 3 Guitar Stand

If you know a player with guitars scattered all around the house then it sounds like they could probably do with this. It fits up to three of them and means that these prized instruments will be kept safe and out of harmsway. So, no more accidents or hazards. Because of this, it’s certainly sort of gift that pleases the whole household.

3. Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools

Get Your Hands On The Fender Tool Kit Here!

Fender Custom Shop Tool Kit by CruzTools

All guitarists should be equipped with this helpful toolkit. Whether its just changing a string or fully setting up a full guitar, then this kit is going to be a lifeline. All the tools are designed specifically for guitar and bass and fit easily in a carry case or bag. One of these kits can help save a small fortune in repairs over the years.

4.  Fender 2 Inch Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap

Grab Your Vintage Tweed Strap Right Here!

Fender 2 Inch Vintage Tweed Guitar Strap

Fans of Fender tweed amps and guitar cases will love this. It’s a fully adjustable strap that features the look of genuine tweed used on Fender products. It’s timeless and sturdy and delivers excellent comfort and instrument security. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for any player.

5.  Fender Performance Series Guitar Cable- Angled – 10 Ft

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Fender Performance Series Guitar Cable- Angled - 10 Ft

All players need a good cable. Unless playing acoustic, of course. Nevertheless, these high-quality Fender Performance Series Cables are specially engineered to avoid twisting or kinking so they’re great for live performances and studio work. Furthermore, they’re backed by a lifetime warranty. It goes to prove that an instrument cable is for life and not just for Christmas.

6.  Jim Dunlop JD-GA24 Acoustic Guitar Accessory Pack

Buy This Accessory Pack Just Here!

Jim Dunlop JD-GA24 Acoustic Guitar Accessory

Any acoustic performer will appreciate this accessory pack because contains everything needed to perform in the studio or on stage. Broken string? No problem. Key change? The capo will sort that out. Lost plectrum? There’s a bag of them included. No guitarist will sneeze at this gift. And as a result, they’ll be forever grateful to receive such an awesome guitar accessory gift.

7.  Elixir Nanoweb Strings 3 for 2 Pack

Get Hold Of These Nanoweb Strings Right Here

Elixir Nanoweb

What’s better than presenting your loved one with a 3 for 2 pack of top-quality guitar strings. The Nanoweb coating gives strings an extended life and also helps deliver a smooth feel that’s easy on the fingers. For the electric guitar, we have light and super light gauges. Or, if it’s acoustic strings you’re after then we have those too.

So, that’s that. Hopefully, these seven guitar accessory gift ideas will make your Christmas shopping that little easier this year. Furthermore, you can check out the Rich Tone website for more ideas, deals and savings.

Happy shopping!
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