Brand New Orange OMEC Teleport Interface

Posted on 26th April 2018 by

As part of Orange’s 50th Anniversary this year, the company are launching a great new device, the OMEC Teleport. Taking cues from the look of the groovy OMEC Digital from 1974, the OMEC Teleport is a versatile interface that is portable and pedalboard-friendly. Rich Tone Music preview what to expect!

Housed in a classic miniature pedal case, the OMEC Teleport is an interface without boundaries. Without needing drivers or software requirements, you can seamlessly connect your analogue audio signal to all things digital.

High Quality AD/DA Converters

The OMEC Teleport allows you to convert signals from analogue to digital and back again. This means you can easily connect your instrument straight into any USB device, process the audio using software and send it back to your rig. Thanks to its small size and functionality, musicians of all types will find benefit in the OMEC Teleport:

  • Play, record, or mix sound in real time using mobile devices and tablets
  • Bring your studio sound to the stage
  • Audiophiles wanting an upgrade on audio quality for listening to music

Digital Compatibility with OMEC Teleport

Musicians are now able to take advantage of a whole range of digital software. Whether this be the classic DAWs such Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live and ProTools, or any of the mobile options available. Now for the first time you can comfortably incorporate all this digital scope onto your pedalboard. If you’re a gigging musician and want to use your studio effects on the road, this lightweight and portable device is perfect! Teleport your studio to the stage with OMEC Teleport.

Includes Amplitude CS

With your OMEC Teleport you’ll receive the standard version of Amplitube CS. This is a complete and full-featured effects rig that fits in your phone! Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad, you can record your performances on the go. There are tools, tones and controls that will give you masses of inspiration. Amplitube CS comes loaded with virtually modelled versions of the OR120, Tiny Terror, Rockerverb 50, AD30 and the matching Orange Cabs. This makes your load in much easier, and importantly gives you a range of instant options at your fingertips.


It fits on your pedal board and is powered by the same 9V input as the rest of your standard pedals. You can quickly convert Mono signals to Stereo for more detailed effects such as delays and panning. And overall it’s a versatile and lightweight device that you can take anywhere! Send your sound into the digital dimension with OMEC Teleport!




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