Bose S1 Pro PA System – NAMM 2018

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New for NAMM 2018 is the Bose S1 Pro PA System. We are excited about this release as it ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people, and its strength lies in its versatility. It does everything – it’s an all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amp and music system.

“Ready to perform. Whenever and wherever you are”

Weighing under 7 kilos (15lbs) this system can be comfortably carried around and will easily fit in the car. It’s no lightweight in terms of sound though, capable of hitting a low of 70 Hz and kicking out up to 103 dB of sound pressure. The Bose S1 Pro is packed with top quality features all geared towards making life as easy as possible – a built in 3-channel mixer offering ToneMatch®, reverb and EQ controls on two channels, plus one channel dedicated for an external music source via either 3.5mm cable or wireless with Bluetooth® connectivity.

The Bose S1 Pro features Bose’s very own Auto EQ system. This means that however you position the speaker, it will detect the orientation and apply the optimum EQ curve to maximise sound quality. And when combined with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery this system really comes into its own. With over 6 hours of battery life you really can take the Bose S1 anywhere and enjoy top quality audio whenever and wherever you are.

“Versatility meets Simplicity” – How will you use yours?

So what can you do with an ultra-portable high quality PA system that runs on batteries? We’ve a few suggestions, but that really is up to you! We’d love to hear about all the weird and wonderful applications you can find for the Bose S1 Pro.

PA System

Running a small gig? Put your stereo outputs from the desk into 2 of the S1’s channels and use this speaker in its most conventional sense. The unit can be mounted on stands and are compatible with standard 35mm pole mounts. The inputs are XLR and Jack hybrids, so either will do!

Floor Monitor

Pop the unit on the floor and it can be part of your live performance set up whether you’re singing or playing acoustic guitar, keyboard, turntables… anything! Thanks to the Auto EQ function the Bose S1 will alter the output according to how it is positioned – either as a floor wedge, tilted back or straight on.

Practice Amp

Jamming at home and want a bit more beef to your sound? Plug your keyboard/ synthesizer/ acoustic guitar/ microphone straight in and then select from ToneMatch® presets for an appropriate profile for your input. And if a friend comes to join you? Not a problem as there are 2  fully-featured channels. And having the third channel means you can plug in a backing track and play along with that!

Portable Music System

An area that’s really taking off in home audio is that of Bluetooth speakers. This lets you wirelessly connect your phone to an audio player and play music from it. With the Bose S1 this could be at home, or in the garden with some friends… or even at the beach. The possibilities are endless and we can see this being a great item for that summer BBQ, without any cables to trip over!

How will you use yours?

There’s some of the more obvious uses, but we can already think of loads more. How about a community event with a public speaker, and even for presentations? How about for the serious busker or a pop-up DJ set? Take it to a carnival. Put it on your roof rack. Take it camping! The possibilities go as far as your imagination – anywhere you want top quality audio you can have it.


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