Blackstar’s Brand New Silverline Series

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This weekend you can grab a mega deal on Blackstar Silverline modelling amps!

Silverline Deluxe at £399.99 down from the original RRP of £595

Silverline Stereo Deluxe at £499.99 down from the original RRP of £765

Silverline Deluxe Head and matching 2 x 12 bundle at £499.99 down from the original RRP of £858

Silverline 2 x 12 Cabinet at £299.99 down from the original RRP of £399

This offer runs until 23:59 on Tuesday 4th May, so place your order before then to take advantage of these amazing deals!

Blackstar’s new Silverline Series is their latest impressive entry into the modelling amplifier market. With next-level processing power, the Silverline series delivers boutique-style valve tone through accessible digital technology. Boasting Celestion V speakers, studio-grade effects, and an inspiring collection of valve-like tones.

The Lineup

Silverline Range

There are five amplifiers in the Silverline series:

There is also a Silverline 212 speaker cabinet to match the series. All the combos and the cabinet are fitted with Celestion G12 V speakers and feature an emulated speaker output for direct recording. Blackstar consider the Celestion G12 V as the standard in guitar speakers, giving a well-balanced sound with prominent mids. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for delivering Silverline’s wide breadth of tones.

Silverline Speaker & Output

Valve Modelling Options

The Silverline Series’ power comes from Blackstar’s SHARC DSP and TVP technology. This gives accurate and subtle modelling of six of the most coveted valve power sections; KT88, 6L6, KT66, EL34, 6V6, EL84. With the response control, the Silverline series delivers the response and feel of each of these valve types, offering a detailed and varied experience whichever your preference.

Silverline Response & ISF Controls

Blackstar ISF

ISF is a contour control that changes the overall tonal character of the amplifier. This works alongside the amp’s standard EQ and shape controls to provide even more tonal options. The ISF control lets you play both sides of the Atlantic, with the American side offering the open clarity you might find in classic US amps, and the British side packing a lot more midrange. Most people will find their sweet-spot lies somewhere in between, and whilst shifting the tone-stack, all your EQ and tone controls remain fully interactive.

Propriety Preamp Voicings

Silverline Preamp Voicings

Any of the six output sections can be combined with one of six preamp voicings. These finely tuned setting encompass Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2. Silverline puts the power in your hands to quickly and easily access a wealth of tones.

Studio Grade Effects

Silverline Effects

Continuing the theme of pristine quality and intuitive control, Silverline boasts onboard modulation, delay and reverb effects. Whilst taking up only a significantly small section of the control panel, these effects are deep and powerful. Based on classic and boutique designs, each of the effects activates with a button, and have four of each effect type. Between the effects and level knob, you can dial in the perfect sound.

USB Recording & Deep Editing

Blackstar Insider Software

Connecting Silverline to your computer via USB cable not only allows you to record directly using the onboard audio interface, but opens even more tone-sculpting options. With INSIDER, Blackstar’s free tone editor software, you can edit and organise presets, as well as share and download patches. Control every aspect of your sound!

Blackstar Silverline

Silverline Deluxe Control Panel

In reality, this is quite possibly the most intuitive, boutique-level digital amp on the market. Using Blackstar’s high-end technology and packaging it into an accessible, guitarist-friendly amplifier is going to be a very popular move. With great looks, heaps of tonal possibilities and truly staggering sound quality, the Blackstar Silverline series is set to become a favourite for many guitarists wanting a versatile, easy to use, lightweight amplifier that’s perfect for the stage and studio.


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