Authentic Portable Grand: Yamaha P-515

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The P-515 is a brand new offering from Yamaha, and takes up the mantle of the P-255 digital piano. Convenience, versatility and portability are this keyboard’s priorities. It’s not so easy to squeeze a Bösendorfer Imperial Grand or Yamaha CFX acoustic grand into your home. Enjoy the sound of these legendary instruments combined with an exquisite playing action.

Yamaha P-515: Portable Luxury

This keyboard uses cutting-edge sampling technology to capture the beauty and nuances of both the Yamaha CFX and Viennese Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos. The P-515 also manages to create a very natural sound during playback. This piano uses Binaural Sampling and a Stereophonic Optimizer to build a space for the sound. This means that either through the 15w + 5w 2-way speaker system (or even headphones), you will be treated to a fully authentic and natural sound. You could believe it was an acoustic piano!

Musical Versatility

Yamaha P-515 panel

There are some 500 voices built into the P-515, meaning you can perform in practically any musical genre. And when you need backup, or perhaps looking for extra inspiration to augment your playing, there are 40 rhythm patterns. These bass and drum accompaniments range from funk to samba and jazz, and feel like you’re part of the band instantaneously.

Quality Construction

Yamaha P-515 Keys

The Natural Wood construction draws on Yamaha’s years of crafting expertise, creating one of the most realistic keybeds we’ve seen. Not only that, but the P-515 uses a technology known as Enhanced VRM (Virtual Resonance Modelling). This calculates the various states of the strings of all 88 notes of the concert grand from instant to instant. This really helps to magnify the authenticity of the piano, as there are so many factors that come into play with an acoustic instrument. You will hear the richness and bright expression afforded by this excellent modelling technology!

Beautiful Design

The P-515 would make a beautiful addition to any home. This really is about as close as you can get to an authentic concert grand piano! The styling is sleek and modern, and you can feel the quality thanks to the excellent keyboard construction and attention to details, for which Yamaha are so well known.



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