Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers For The Travelling Musician

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Christmas is approaching fast and won’t be long before we hear the first carol of the year. The brass section’s sheet music is ready and the singer’s voices are being warmed through, aided by a vat of seasonal mulled wine, of course. But, wait. Where are the acoustic guitar players hiding? I can tell you now, they’re down at Rich Tone, eying up deals for new acoustic guitar amplifiers.

It’s likely they will be testing out the two amps I’m about to mention in this blog. And, when the decision is made they’ll be making full use of our speedy delivery options too, ensuring the streets are full of loud and clear Christmas cheer. Consequently, it’s safe to say, there will be no Silent Night where these acoustic guitar amplifiers are concerned. Let’s look at the options.

The Fender Acoustasonic 15

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Fender Acoustasonic 15

This Fender Acoustasonic 15 is perfect for the roaming acoustic performer. It’s ultra-compact which means it can be transported with less hassle than a big bag of vegetables. The tone is excellent, too. And, it comes with a solid EQ system so you can eliminate and undesirable tones. Likewise, you can boost any sounds you find exciting and go on to deliver an excellent performance.


  • The Acoustasonic 15 features the unique inclusion of a 6” speaker with a ‘Whizzer’ cone. This delivers a very effective high- frequency response, which is great for acoustic guitar performances.
  • There’s a built-in chorus effect which gives you extra depth and ambience. So, you can thicken up your tone at the touch of a dial.
  • This amp includes a pair of front panel inputs. The standard ¼” jack goes directly from your guitar, while the XLR input accommodates a microphone. What more do you need?

Main Features

  • 6” Fender Special Design speaker with enhanced high-frequency response
  • Two channels (instrument, mic) with individual volume controls
  • Chorus effect on the instrument channel
  • Headphone output
  • Classic Fender look
  • 15 watts

The Acus One For Street Combo Amp – Wood

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Acus One For Street - Wood

As the name suggests, this Acus One For Street acoustic amplifier is designed for street musicians. It delivers high-quality audio in a compact size and is very efficient on energy.  Plus, the box design is incredibly appealing and gives off an aura of professionalism in both style and sound.


  • This Acus acoustic guitar amp is very easy to control and uses custom-style knobs. The Gain/Volume, 3-Band EQ, effect send, and master volume gives you plenty of tonal options to suit your style
  • Features an array of power options, including an external battery that delivers up to 7 hours of playing time. Consequently, you can always be sure to deliver a show
  • The aux input (with independent volume) allows you to connect an MP3 player, iPad or any other device. Because of this, it makes playing along to a backing track a breeze

Main Features

  • First battery-powered amp from the Acus One series
  • Delivers superb sound quality, even without mains power. So, you can be sure of a great performance, wherever you are
  • Because it’s easy to transport, this amp is ideal for street musicians or professionals on tour
  • Equipped with two channels, each with independent controls. So, you’ll always have the option of using more than just your guitar
  • Never get caught short with the low battery indicator LED. When the time comes for a recharge, the Acus will give you a clear warning

And so, that concludes our chat on acoustic guitar amplifiers. Get in touch with us to get the best deal available and take advantage of our next working day or free delivery options.

Happy shopping,
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