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The V.I.P. Series plugins from Plug & Mix are some of the best in the business. One of the top names in computer interfaces and studio technology, M-Audio, provide unprecedented access to this collection of brilliant plugins. You can grab yourself 5 from the collection completely FREE. This is a limited time offer, so get in there while you can! Read on for more details about this awesome promo…

Get Creative

As all home studio aficionados know, if there’s one thing that can totally sidetrack the creative process it’s overly complicated plugins! M-Audio make a solid attempt to combat this problem through teaming up with Plug and Mix. Owners of M-Audio equipment obtain access to 5 FREE plugins from the excellent V.I.P. Series plugin collection from Plug and Mix.

This promotion runs from 15th May 2018 until 31st August 2018. This offer is open to owners of M-Audio’s Keystation Series, Oxygen Series, CODE (Black) Series and M-Track C-Series controllers and interfaces.

Choose from over 50 V.I.P. Plugins

Plug and mix plugins

You can trial and select the 5 plugins that best suit your needs, from more than 50 in the V.I.P. collection. Carefully designed, these plugins place your creativity as the driving force. With intuitive and easy-to-use functions, you’ll have no barriers when working with your mixes. Plug and Mix have meticulously assembled the V.I.P. range with usability as the top priority. There’s a clean interface on each featuring just the essential knobs and switches on display. Usability is also matched with professional sound quality, as you’d expect from any top-rate manufacturer. Therefore you really can’t go wrong with the brilliant V.I.P. Series!

Getting your production setup customised and up to date couldn’t be easier. Simply get your hands on one of the featured products from M-Audio and grab yourself 5 FREE pro standard plugins.

M-Audio Products

Featured products include interfaces and keyboard controllers; absolute essentials for any home studio! If you want a head start on getting your studio underway or want to upgrade to some of the latest gear, check out the ranges below.  And finally, don’t miss out on this amazing offer!


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